Monday, 9 May 2011

Peacocks over Prada - Affordable Fashion, the Awards

Being down to earth may be part of their day job, but not many TV hosts can do it as well as Lorraine Kelly – whose show’s fashion awards ignore high end designers in favour of value for money brands like Peacocks.

The High Street Fashion Awards celebrate fashion we can all enjoy – not just the rich, famous or extremely lucky, and the first category addresses affordable fashion.

Since the recession hit the brands nominated in the affordable fashion brands category have been among the few to do well from the recession, and they certainly have picked up their game in the fashion stakes to cater for the new market for value: Peacocks have introduced a designer inspired By Design range, as well as recruiting Pearl and Daisy Lowe to design vintage inspired dresses and swimwear. And once you know you can wear the latest designer trends for under forty pounds it really does become hard to shop elsewhere, even when you have a little cash to splash.

The Lorraine Show has long been a good way for the ordinary woman to learn about trends on a level that is approachable for everyone – from teenagers to grannies – and their varied choice of models and flexible styling tips reflect that. Adding a budget choice for everyone in The High Street Fashion Awards only boosts this reputation, with affordable, mid range and upmarket high street categories and nominees.

So well done Lorraine for staying true to your thrifty Scottish roots and promoting affordable fashion accessible to all – and well done Peacocks and co for being nominated.